The idea for Sanitiser Express was born in March 2020 when co-founders,

Kenny Wilson and Robin Archibald noticed that there was an opportunity to develop

a simple hands-free sanitiser station, helping tackle the spread of the Coronavirus.

Our Expertise

Kenny and Robin have built up a network of partners that have helped develop the business. To assist with the production of their sanitiser stations, they work closely with Murphy Engineering, a company that has over fifteen years experience of developing innovative products. Their next step was to hire a design manager, Stuart Quayle. Stuart creates designs to help bring the client's vision to life. 

Our Philosophy

Everyone has suffered and continues to suffer throughout this pandemic. We can see the effect it has had on the British public and the widespread desire to return to 'normal' life. Our philosophy is simple. We strive to create straight-forward, innovative products to help keep the people of the UK safe and get the population back to normality. 


Smaller teams allow for more effective communication, a stronger support network and the ability to collaborate together and be innovative on a daily basis. Choosing to work Sanitiser Express guarantees a genuine and individually tailored working relationship. Kenny, Robin and Stuart are committed to growing Sanitiser Express and servicing their clients, helping to support their businesses, no matter the size, with whatever they need.

Kenny Wilson

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Kenny is focused, driven and committed to the cause of Sanitiser Express. The company co-founder combines his previous business experience with his desire to seize new opportunities. Kenny's aim is to help companies prepare to deal with the new normal and allow their businesses to function and thrive.   

07553 303 629

Robin Archibald

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Robin is the heart of operations. Sanitiser Express is a well oiled machine thanks to Robin's experience of managing and running businesses over several decades. Robin's focus and determination allows Sanitiser Express to refine their execution and improve on the delivery of every single sanitiser station.

07788 237 950

Stuart Quayle
Design Director

Travelling the globe and up-skilling along the way, Stuart is a well travelled and experienced designer with a passion for business development. Stuart has brought numerous ideas and creative designs to the table and continues to build new and existing client relationships for Sanitiser Express.

07450 611 916