• Stuart Quayle

Keeping your space safe with Sanitiser Express

If we didn’t understand the importance of good hygiene before 2020, we certainly do now as it plays a huge part in our day to day lives. It’s becoming clear that we’re going to have to live with coronavirus, so how can we make sure everyone plays their part by practising good hygiene to create safe spaces for us all?

Try to keep track of how many times you touch your face in the space of an hour - the average person does it 23 times! Now think about all the surfaces you touch when outside your home. It’s easy to understand why hand sanitising is considered one of the most effective methods for avoiding infections.

Top tips for safety

At Sanitiser Express, we help companies create safe spaces through installation of hand sanitising products and related materials. Here’s a few of our top tips.

- Place hand sanitising stations throughout your space to encourage people to use the resources and keep their hands clean.

- Position stations by doors and key touch points to encourage use in places where transmission by touch is high.

- Make sure the sanitising stations are visible through clear and effective signage.

- Choose a dispenser that has a simple mechanism for easy use.

Why Sanitiser Express

As well as understanding how to keep people safe, we know that businesses want their sanitisation solutions to be as fuss-free as possible. That’s why our products are reliable, cost-effective and require minimal upkeep.

- Our sanitiser stations are contact-free, so there’s minimal risk of contamination and less cleaning required.

- The mechanism requires no power which means you can be completely flexible with placement of the sanitiser.

- Because the mechanism requires no power, it means there’s less chance of a fault, so there’s less maintenance.

- Lower requirement for cleaning and maintenance means a more cost-effective option for businesses!

For more information on our services (no, it’s not just sanitiser), get in touch or visit our website